Building wealth and enhancing life – RCA Holding AG

The strategy

Switzerland-headquartered RCA Holding AG is a Private Equity and venture capital investment company founded in 1994. The main intention of RCA Holding AG ist o create unique and exclusive business opportunities fort he shareholders and affiliates in the dynamic and fast-growing green energy, Healtcare and infrastructure industries.. The Company generating substantial value for all stakeholders, RCA holding AG acts as a consultant to governments, institutions, family offices and ultra high-net-worth individuals in the field of private equity investments focusing on the sector renewable energy as well as infrastructure, green building, healthcare and other market segments with a high future potential. RCA Holding AG develops its own projects in the European Union and Eastern Europe region and thereby provides exclusive direct investments to its Swiss, German, European investors. Delivering comprehensive project management services from A to Z for private, industrial and governmental projects, the firm successfully develops bankable projects in the green energy, Healtcare and infrastructure sector.

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